Saturday, 12 April 2008

Here We Go Again

That's not snow, it's just hail. Again. Never in my twenty years here have I experienced so many hailstorms in one season.

The day started promising, but we were forecasted sunshine and showers - fair enough. I woke up early, well, earlier than I normally do on the weekend (I do like my weekend lie-ins). As the day progressed and I was expecting those showers, which weren't forthcoming, I thought, well heck, I'll get out there. I forked over perhaps 1/5th of the vegetable plot, and pulled up a lot of stones, cement, pieces of glass, in the process. This is going to take a while.

I know I'm not going to make it perfect this year. I will be happy with a crop of onions and shallots (which I've already bought,ready to stick them in the ground), tomatoes, which I won't plant until June anyway, lettuce ditto, and potatoes, must be in soon. And of course the fruit. Raspberries in, blackberries next, but I do want to dig in that good stuff before they go down. I'm just ... flummoxed by the weather. Will the weather gods smile on me? Has global warming reared it's ugly head, again? (We are in danger of losing the Gulf Stream here, which is bad news).

On a lighter note! I decided to play around with my seedlings from the trays on my dining table, and the first thing I did was plant my Lobelia seedlings into their pot, outside. Ive had great sucess with trailing Lobelia in this same pot over the years, so I hope for more of the same.

Then, for lack of anything better to do, after seeing what was coming weather-wise, I thought it might be prudent to just go and do my shopping. That's when the hailstorm came, followed by sunshine. I did my shopping, and still got caught by a shower. Sometimes I think I really would like a car in London, after all. For the most part, it doesn't bother me, but gardening without a car can be no fun when you need to transport plants, bags of soil, fertlizer, etc. However, my trusty shopper has stood the test of time, and at least my local garden centre is close!

That said, I ended up buying several things without visiting the garden centre - I'm saving that for when I really mean to buy some serious plants and the necessary to plant them soundly. No, I managed to find, without meaning to, a Viburnum Tinus "Eve Price"and a Pieris, both of which I've been meaning to get, for the back border. They will keep, I hope.

I also finally bought something I've had my eye one for a couple of weeks now, from Aldi.

You could probably consider me a bit "A.R". sometimes. I like order. I like making order out of chaos, which is what I'm doing here in this garden. So, I finally bought the tool organiser for the shed. A few bits of plastic, and way hey.

What was chaos is now order. The first sad thing is that, I bought it. The second sad thing is, I put it together as soon as possible, and took it out to the shed to organise my tools. And I tell you, they are organised. The third, and possibly saddest thing, is that I took a picture to share with you all!

Is that cool or what? I actually swept the shed floor before I put it down - but then, the shed topic is one to come and we are all very proud of it. The boys did it. But the tools were all just hanging around at the back corner there, and now they have a home.

I know. It's seriously sad, but I'm seriously happy ...

Uh, give me some good weather, please!!! I'll stop messing around with my shed and my tools!!


  1. Wishing good weather for you so you can put all those well organized tools to work!

  2. Thank you Nancy! I have very high hopes for next weekend ... as usual!

  3. Hi Thora - Your workshed might just be the tidiest and cleanest I've ever seen. Great job! We're having icky weather here in Chicago too. Drove home in the snow last night from River Forest. Hoping for better weather for us all! Luv, C

  4. That shed is just too damn neat. Makes me want to throw a shovel.