Friday, 21 March 2008

Weekend Weather Watch

At last, Easter is here, a four day weekend. Time to dig over! Get those borders ready for the vegetable plot! Yes?

This was the headline that greeted me Monday morning on Yahoo:

"Snow, sleet and wind forecast for Easter"

Oh joy.

This morning on the radio they said we might have snow this weekend. Yes, in London. Snow??

Sky News puts it in a nutshell:

"Britain will have to wrap up for a chilly Easter as snow showers and strong winds are forecast for the bank holiday weekend. Much of the country is expected to experience raw wintry conditions."


Perhaps I'll just have to stay indoors and work on my seed trays.

My dining table has turned into a mini greenhouse. In this tray, I have some aubretia going, which I intend to put along the front bit here while I figure out what to do with it. What I would really like is to dig this back, and construct a brick wall, all along the length of it. That may take some doing! Although I am certainly keen to try (how hard can it be to construct a brick wall?).

However, at the moment that is a project too far - I really do badly want to get that vegetable border ready, not least because I have been shopping lately (it being March, the shops are stocking up nicely with all sorts) and have a bag of onions, a bag of shallots and some garlic. Not to mention the two blackberry plants, a gooseberry and a raspberry. What a wonderful thing it will be to wander into my garden and pick my own fresh fruit!

It if isn't precipitating I shall be out there, cold or no. If it is too horrible, well, at least I can tell you more about what I've done, and what we intend to do. Stay tuned!

Oh and by the way, as it is officially the first day of it, Happy Spring!


  1. Oh, you poor thing. I can't believe you are getting snow. It is supposed to be chilly here, but no snow at least. Hang in there, the weather will change soon, and here it will be hotter than (well you know) and you will have that glorious weather we dream about.~~Dee

  2. Believe me .. it could be worse for you .. you could be CANADIAN .. with SNOWBANKS and ICEBERGS in the garden .. no joke .. I'm so frustrated it isn't funny ..
    Be grateful you can actually SEE the ground !
    Joy .. going round the twist !

  3. It's tiresome, isn't it? Snowflurries here in Nova Scotia again today, after the ice and rainstorm of yesterday. But I blame it on March, and on the full moon. Things will improve. We'll just have to eat chocolate, enjoy Easter plants, and pet our cats in anticipation of better weather.

  4. My hubby just asked me what tomorrow's forecast is and when I check it said "chance of wet snow showers". We're just east of New York City, I hope they're as wrong as they usually are!