Sunday, 16 March 2008

The layout and the border (left, not right)

I'm no artist, as you can see. But I thought it might be useful to see the layout so you can get an idea when I talk about left and right borders. And I've just realised, in the drawing above, that I have completely reversed left and right. I don't know how, but there you are. Please to remember that when I talk about the left border, I am talking as you would look at this scratchy layout plan (why did I call that right fence??) and the same on the other side. It's what I see when I look out of the kitchen window, or walk out of the kitchen door and survey the site.

Right. (Left!).

The first border I planted was, as you look at it, on the left. Neither the shed nor the lawn was there at the time, but we shall discuss those soon.

I had been given some plants by an acquaintance; a geranium, a sedum and some crocosmias which she had divided from her own garden, and two beautiful roses as a housewarming present. I had numerous plants in pots, from my previous garden (mostly a container garden, as it was largely a patio, see left) which I was keen to get into the ground; and I, greedily and happily, threw money about and bought a few to add into the mix.

I am a fan of the English Cottage Garden type scheme. So we have, in the left border:

fern, bamboo

penstemon, lovely red colour

sedum "Autumn Joy"

climbing rose, yellow; skimmia (now sadly dead), pinks

crocosmia, very red



delphinium, euphorbia

honeysuckle, rose


Lobelia, geranium

lavender (now dead), achillea

blueberry, phlox

clematis, choisya, campanula

This is how it panned out with the plants I had:

This is pretty much how it looked once I had put the rest in

My first border, in what was once a wilderness. Yay!!


  1. Looks good, too. I share the affection for gardens AND cats, and it'll be fun to watch your border grow over the coming months.

  2. Great job! Those are some beautifull cats you have there! I have 4 myself and they love the garden live too.