Thursday, 6 December 2012

Weather Report

Apparently, there was snow somewhere in London yesterday.  North of town, and those airports up there (Stanstead and Luton) had some problems.  As I heard on the news in the morning, getting ready for work.  I saw it was cold out there - and I'm not one to say "cold" easily, coming from Chicago, as I do.

But 20 degrees F is pretty darned cold to me, and that's what my thermometer outside the kitchen window said.  Okay, it's in the shade (not that I get any sun at all in the garden at this time of year), and it was early on in the day, about 8:00 am.  BTW, I don't really do Celsius.  Metrics never really stuck with us Americans.  I have to convert all the time.

Well, even if I didn't see snow in South East London, my train company had a problem.  I get it.  Out of London, our little warmer micro-climate, it is cold enough to snow, and it does.  So my trains were messed up coming up from Kent.  Not that this should have been a revelation to Southeastern Trains, as it was forecast.  *sigh*

Tonight, walking home from the train (which wasn't too messed up) there was some strange precipitation in the air.  Not quite snow.  Ugh, is that ... sleet?  Yuck!

At least, if it continues, I am off work tomorrow so won't have to deal with any possible travel chaos.  I have racked up too much time working weekends during fairs, or just weekends.  I wish I could have added this on to (1) my trip back to Chicagoland in August/September or (2) my upcoming trip to Chicagoland for Christmas.  But no, I had an idea to go back for Thanksgiving, which didn't happen.  I am stuck with a bunch of days to take off - use it or lose it.  It's fabulous, how much time we get off compared to the States, for example.

Oh, in fact, that's the only example.  The rest of the civilised world gives enough time off to it's employees for a well-rounded life, by law.

Tomorrow?  We shall see what I get done, but I don't think there will be much outdoors.

Next week?  Hmmm, depends on the weather ...

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