Sunday, 17 June 2012


One bright spot of good news, the hosepipe ban has been lifted.  It only took them two and a half months to do so, after "the wettest April in over 100 years", and forecasters predicting "the wettest June on record."  "Monsoon June", the papers are calling it (don't you love the British press), which is about right when you factor in the very high winds, and flooding.

So whilst it is good news that should we need it, there is no longer a ban in place, I for one don't foresee any need to actually get the hosepipe out, based on recent conditions and the upcoming forecasts.  Last I heard, this "unsettled" (The Met Office's favourite word lately) weather will continue into July.

Here's a cherry snippet for the weather in the next 30 days or so: 

"Periods of unsettled weather are likely to continue although these will be interspersed with drier and sunnier conditions. Temperatures are expected to start off a little below the seasonal average, but possibly recovering to nearer normal later in the period. Rainfall amounts are generally expected to be close to the seasonal average, but may end up above normal towards southern and eastern parts."

Oh dear, Wimbledon starts soon ... well, that's more rain guaranteed then!

Torquay seafront in Devon at high tide this morning as gales and heavy rain spread across the UK from the southwest of England

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