Sunday, 22 April 2012

Progress, but not by me

I'm still complaining about the fact that I have had so few weekends lately. I cannot complain, of course, about the previous two seeing as I was in the Midwest having a wonderful visit with friends and family, but this weekend, here again ...

Being at work today and halfway across London doesn't help of course, but neither does the weather. I see SO much that needs to be done - grass cut, weeding, pulling up the gnarled old rosemary ... the list, as it usually does in the Spring, goes on and on.

However, in terms of landscaping, someone (HWMBO) has been hard at work. Nothing like the threat of new neighbours (within our four-flat building) to spur him on. What was this hideous overgrown back part, which I hoped someday would be a nice gravel patio for all, is less so. Much less so.

I should say this is about ready to lay the ground cover and the gravel! It has been agreed amongst all and so this particular piece of beautification seems imminent.

Result! I even missed the pleasure of moving the compost bin 6 feet over! Although I'm told there is some good, rich stuff in there. I wish I knew where I was going to use it, without a large tomato patch this year. Hmmmm.

So hopefully, the next several weekends, I can get out and do my stuff. It will be May soon, after all - we've had our share of April showers, so here's to some lovely weekends of gardening, and most fun of all, planting!

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