Sunday, 6 June 2010

So in the end ...

I couldn't move it. By the time I came round to try and dig it out, the ground was very dry from the intense days of sunshine that graciously shone during my visit. I couldn't even get the fork in the ground, nor the spade.

So we trimmed it.

I mean, it's a little better, right? Not quite so monstrous. Okay, it's still pretty big

But it's not taking up a full third of the garden (and right in the middle, too). Sure, I'm a fan of hostas, always have been, but I've still never encountered one that grew quite this big.

And time always runs out. On this visit we acquired a Rhododenron, Clematis, Hydrangea (Endless Summer, allegedly hardy in Zone 5), Lantana, Pentas 'Grafitti Bright Red', Verbena (very pretty, pink and white), some Nicotiana. I managed to plant the first three, with help from the boys, during our Memorial Day barbeque (boy, that was good food).

I do hope the rest got in the ground safely. But you know what? To my mind, there is still more space to fill. But then a garden's never really "done", is it?