Monday, 6 September 2010

Clinging on to Summer

It's that changeable time here. Early September, you don't expect much weather-wise. But we had a rare glimpse of summer again last week, and it was meant to last into the weekend. It almost did. Being a complete weather junkie (in terms of weather reports), I'm watching every day now.

Still wearing sandals. Summer tops, with a cardigan on top, and a light mac (both, instead of one or the other. Or neither, in the heat of things). Topping up my French tan from a bottle. Rainy and grey threatened every day now, in fact we've had both today. But I'm hanging on. Just for another week or so. I see women dressed in autumnal jackets, boots, tights, on the train every morning. But for me, not yet.

Don't ever let me forget, Summer 2010 was awesome. July, uh, perfect. Hot, sunny, hot, sunny. August, well, okay. Not too bad. Even now, it's not cold, just not ... hot. That's okay.

But the nights seem to be drawing in. Maybe because it was so grey today, culminating in the promised rain. By the time I was coming home from work, it seemed so ... dreary. Dark. And Autumnal. Perhaps it's time ...

But there is still much to ripen, and to harvest!

Whatever I'm wearing, whatever the weather, I'll keep you posted!

The other good news is - and this is seriously good news ... the arachnid situation seems to be much, much better this year over last year, or even the previous. The good summer? Who knows. I'm touching wood here, but really it hasn't been a problem for me. Just as I geared myself up to deal with it ... (I know. I know. We need them. Ick). But phew ...


  1. Your garden does indeed look like it produced quite nicely this summer, yay! Glad to hear the aracnid situation was improved over last year too; y'know, they don't like the cold much and disappear quickly when the temps drop. So the dip in temps is good and bad.

    Hang in there and enjoy each day...and let's hope for Indian summer so you can wear those cute summer styles just a bit longer :)

  2. Hm, tried to post a comment that got erased when I attempted to edit it. Perhaps you'll get double similar comments from me.

    Anyhow, wanted to say glad to see your garden produced some good food again this year. And that the aracnid situation wasn't so bad, probably because of your cooler temps in August; they tend to disappear as it gets cooler, hopefully not moving into the house!

    Enjoy each day...and hopefully you'll get Indian Summer and get to wear your cute summer stuff just a bit longer :)

  3. You know, I'm wondering - the arachnid situ was perhaps because it WAS a good summer? (ah, what a summer). August was fine, not much of a drop, just not hot like July. Last two years, crap summer, ick problem. Hmmmm? I wonder ... Summer is well and truly gone now, even if we did have a little blip of niceness just before the Autumnal Equinox. Not cold, though, at least this country is "temperate" :-)