Sunday, 10 February 2008

Welcome to our garden!

photo courtesy of Olivia Lahs-Gonzales (c)

It may seem odd to start a garden blog at this time of year, when everything is dormant. But I want to share with you what we did last year, from March to October, and that might just take us through to the spring, when we start up again!

My husband and I moved into this, our new home, at the end of January 2007. I was faced with a lovely 2 bedroom flat, and a huge, shared garden at the back, which was a wasteland. Now, I have created some gardens before out of nothing, but nothing quite on this scale. And let me make it clear from the start, I am not any kind of professional. I have a passion for gardening, and I have had good advice from friends and acquaintances, on what to do, and when and how to do it. The rest is down to me! And some good help from husband and neighbours.

So let’s have a look. The garden measures 30 ft long by 40 ft wide (approx) and when we moved in, the fence on the left was falling down, and the back fence wasn’t much better. There was half a path back on the right. Little did we know there was even a path on the left!

This is a conversion of four flats. Two up, two down. We have ground floor right. The man next door, he has ground left. Upstairs, just above us, fabulous couple. Upstairs next to them, owned but empty. Great people, wonderful people, but no keen, passionate gardeners among them.

With which, I can tell you now, I had no problem! Oh goodness, everyone has been brilliant in encouragement, support, finances, and bloody hard work sometimes. Not to mention appreciation for all I have done. But the rest ….. well, you shall see!

I hope you will join us on this garden journey. I hope to share with you all the ups (it’s all been up for me!), the practical, the plants and their names, and what we’ve accomplished. Then, next month perhaps? we start it all again! Plenty more to do (another whole border to plan and plant, plus of course the vegetable plot)... and plenty more to come!

Loads of pictures, loads of plants, any advice I can give (or get!) and lots of discussion. If you love gardening – what could be better? Do join us.

Over the next several weeks I shall take you through the delights of:

  • Erecting a fence

  • Rotovation

  • Turf laying

  • Border planning and planting

  • Snail control

  • Building a shed

to name but a few topics.

And of course, the unexpected, but not unwelcome acquisition of a cat!

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  1. Brava! You've inspired me to want to set up a blog too. How I've enjoyed your garden pictures over the years, both this garden-work-in-progress, and the miracles you performed at your previous place.

    I hope you'll put up all your pictures to show what beauty can be created from a desolate and neglected piece of land, and how even a small garden can add huge pleasure to all those lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.

    And looking forward also to more pictures of the nomadic cat who half moved in with you, such a cute, sweet critter, plus makes a lovely garden ornament ;)

    Cheers, Christine